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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Really? You started by asserting that Earth's gravity is non-existent at 300,000km, which is DEAD wrong.
I said *effectively 0*, not *absolutely 0*, and for the purposes of this argument it's correct. When things are CLOSE to 0...
55mm/s is not close to zero in gravitational terms. A spacecraft at that orbit orbit still requires several dozen to several hundred m/s delta-v to reach escape velocity.

But that still assumes their starting altitude was 237,000km. This, too, is not known.

You need to understand how assumptions can or cannot affect calculations. Based on your language and the level of your discussion, I'm going to guess you're either an undergraduate or beginning graduate student
Actually I used to be a guidance systems technician in the USN before I got a teaching certificate. So no, unlike you I am NOT an undergraduate from the University of the Internet.

More importantly, I never really expect Star Trek to give rigidly explicable depictions of the known laws of physics, because it rarely (almost never) does. There are times, however, when its depictions can be reconciled with the known laws of physics, and this is one of them.

I never changed the subject. I stated earlier (which you continue to ignore) that they would certainly fall toward Earth, but, without significant (read: very fast) initial velocity in the radial direction
Since you don't know their radial velocity -- either before or after the ship dropped out of warp -- this is a bad assumption on your part. Nor do you know the performance envelope of their impulse engines, the ship's maximum acceleration or its behavior immediately after the explosion of the Vengeance.

Really, this is just a repeat from 2009. "Earth to Vulcan in three minutes? Impossible!" Chalk it up to much editing and too little exposition.

You need to hit the books a bit more.
Says the guy who still insists the Enterprise is only 300 meters long.
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