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Issue #8 came out today. Drawn by Roger Langridge, the eighth Doctor visits Grace Holloway (her first named appearance in a Doctor Who story in over a decade) and takes her on "just one trip."

It was an odd issue.

Langridge's art is great, as always, but the story itself is rather thin.

After a Frobisher apperance in issue #6 drawn by John Ridgway, this doesn't fit with Grace's DWM appearances at all.

The story reminds me of "The Land of Happy Endings" (the anniversary story DWM did a few years ago with the eighth Doctor and his grandchildren, John and Gillian) tossed in a blender with a Vidiian story out of Star Trek: Voyager.

The important thing, though -- we get a really good look at the hooded villain.

I didn't hate the issue, but I also didn't love it. The eighth Doctor dialogue doesn't ring true, and the story is slight. I also don't buy the resolution to the story which portrays the eighth Doctor as something of an anarchist. But, the artwork was lovely and it's always nice to see the eighth Doctor.
Isn't the villain a *lot* more likely to be
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