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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

I absolutely love Amok Time. Now just because I love it doesn't mean it doesn't have inconsistencies and flaws but I think part of that is the nature of 1960's television. This was before consistency and continuity was a real thing in television.

However as far as Trek lore and science fiction goes this is a terrific episode. I love how alien and different Vulcan feels. Plus it's an entire episode about mating, it's great lol. I also love how Vulcan is a matriarch society and Tpau is one of my favorite Trek females. I love how Kirk wants to impress her and this doesn't include wooing her.

The episode also feels very 1960's to me, like I can't imagine something similar to it being made today but that is part of its charm.

I also think it is a fantastic trio episode with all of the Big 3 playing a central role in the episode.

On another note it was neat for me to see Arlene Martel who I was familiar with from Hogan's Heroes.

Finally the Spock smile scene just might be my favorite ending of any Trek episode.

Needless to say the whole Pon Farr thing worked for me here but not so much in The Search for Spock. I am not sure if it is because what works in the 60's doesn't work for me in the 80's or the fact that Nimoy just isn't Sturgeon. But even though I love TSFS I hate those scenes in the movie.
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