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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Thanks, Bob.

Well, I found two pictures of the top of the Jein version. (You can tell by the fact that the name lettering is not curved like the registry.) I'll post them later, but sufficed to say the bridge dome looks pretty much the same as it does on the larger ILM model. Daaaaaamn.

So even though it appears Jein tried to correct the scale of the model to the official 467 meter size via the window rows, the bridge module still keeps the futzed up, tiny shape.

That leaves us with three choices, as I see it:

1) Scale the ship to the ILM window rows, and ignore the bridge module
2) Scale the ship to the Jein window rows, and ignore the bridge module
3) Scale the ship to the official size, and ignore the bridge module


I may go ahead and try the second choice, for fun. It may end up coinciding with 467 meters.
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