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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Finished Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. I like that they had fun with this DLC and really delivered a new experience altogether rather than just more of the same. The OTT neon future from an 80s b-movie POV was silly great.

For a start-and-stop gamer like myself though the game only letting you save after a mission is complete was the worst part. A system that lets you save at checkpoints would have been very welcome, I sometimes only want to play for a spurt of 20 minutes or so and to be forced to complete the mission or lose all progress sucked. The worst part is it wasn't obvious to me it was doing that and I had to redo the annoying intro level three times or so before I figured out why it wasn't saving (thank you internet forums).

Started The Last of Us, which has a brilliant introduction but I found the initial gameplay to be lackluster so far. Hoping things pick up since this has been getting a lot of buzz.
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