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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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Main Cast
Captain Janeway
Lt Pairs - Conn / XO
Lt Torress - Chief Engineer
Lt JG Kim - Chief Tactical Officer
The Doctor
7 of 9
Reoccurring Characters
Chell - Cook
<a bunch of others, lets open the flood gates>
Leave Go
Lt Cmdr Chakotay (Beltran)
Lt Cmdr Tuvok (Russ)
Nelix (Phillips)
Interesting idea, I always like a good "what if" scenario.

Though Paris just never struck me as XO material--at least not in S3. Get rid of Chakotay and promote Tuvok to XO and make him more of an advisor and confidant of Janeway (as he started off in S1 but was later forgotten about). I've ready the first couple of VOY relaunch books and just don't buy Kim as Security Chief, I always think he'd get beaten up more than Archer (if that was possible). I could have seen him dropped from the cast as well. The PTB could then have promoted Ayala up to fill the duties of either Ops or Security. And of course Neelix would be killed off in a horrific manner
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