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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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Beltran was known for signing pics at cons with "Brannon Braga is a wanker."

I'm sure that made him really popular with the brass.
Well this likely would've been after Voyager. And the sentiment may just be popular with the fans. Conventions are for the fans after all.
He was bitching, moaning & complaining publically about TPTB during the show's run. It was noted during TV Guide features, among others.

Beltran--after daring TPTB to give him a C/7 kiss in "Endgame"--sat complaining about how he had "nothing to do" on set during the filming. TV Guide referred to him as the "resident curmudgeon."

ETA: And while some fans may have enjoyed that, it really lowered my esteem for him. There's no need to make anyone's life miserable on the job. Life's simply too short for that.

And yeah, that goes for Kate and her treatment of Jeri, too...
I just think it's incredibly poor taste to be bashing the show while you're making money off of it. He can have his own feelings about the show, maybe he didn't like it, but while he was working and making money on the show he shouldn't have been trashing it

even at conventions, he was trashing it and I don't think that's fair either since they get paid a lot of money to appear at the cons. And personally if he has signed my photo with Brannon Braga is a wanker, I would have demanded another autograph, they're too expensive for that kind of nonsense
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