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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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I'll also point out that the best actors make a minor character shine. The Doctor wasn't supposed to be as big a character as he was. And his scenes in the pilot weren't all that promising. However, Picardo took the ball and ran away with it. He showed the writers what a gold mine they had.

And they rose to the challenge.
The flip side to that coin, is because the writers don't give you anything to work with you can develop a dial it in approach. But if someone was dialing it in shouldn't say the director be trying to get more out of them?
Didn't Beltran once say something to the effect of he wasn't giving his best because the writing staff wouldn't give him anything to work with? It's a double bladed sword any way you cut it.
it ends up being an argument of which came first the chicken or the egg. Probably at first Beltran wasn't happy that he wasn't getting enough lines or somthing even though in the first season he had a few of his own episodes, and durring an interview he said something unpolite which pissed off the writers, who then wrote worse for him, which made him say even worse things, which made them write even worse for him and so on and so on.

and yes he did say that he even stopped reading scripts, that's why he's always looking at a pad or a console, he had his lines taped to them. Which I think as an actor even if you're not particularly happy with your character or something, that's incredibly unprofesisonal and disrespectful to the rest of the actors
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