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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

If written well with good characters, and if it were more of a serial nature like DS9 or season 3 Enterprise, I would definitely love a 25th century Star Trek TV series. I would love to see the politics of the Alpha quadrant after the destruction of Romulus. Would it resemble Star Trek Online? Would it be different? So much story there to tell, and I would be far more interested in that, than an Abramsverse TV series, that likely wouldn't feature Kirk and crew anyway.

The Abramsverse may have revitalized Star Trek and is making more money than Trek previous films, but they also are far more expensive to make, too.

If Star Trek returned to the small screen, the budget and FX would be more like that of BSG, and if written well, there is no argument that convinces me that continuing the Abramsverse on TV INSTEAD OF the Prime universe in the 25th century would be more interesting.

I like the Abramsverse movies fine, but I really could care less what happens in that universe, beyond the characters. In the prime universe, I want to know more about everything!
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