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Re: Khan Side By Side Review

Thanks for the link.... for the benefit of those not willing to follow:

Originally Posted by DavidHir

Imagic, cool thread!

Some have claimed the original color timing has changed for the Blu-ray; any thoughts or information on this? My thinking is the previous home versions had incorrect color pushing too much red. The Blu-ray really does look excellent and extremely film-like (wish the rest of the Trek movies looked like this).

This was my take:
Quote: "Watching the Blu-ray presentation was a genuine pleasure. The film holds up well—after 31 years, colors still pop and everything looks sharp. The Blu-ray itself is a remastered edition with a distinctly cooler look to it. I've seen this referred to as "the teal look." Personally, I think it looks color accurate, while the original version has a distinct reddish hue to it."
While this is helpful, I'd really like to see a side by side of this effect, compared with the 2-disc DE, which I own.
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