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Re: Archer, T'Pol, or Trip?

I'm also a Reed fan, so the poll doesn't do much for me. I am the only one who picked Archer.

T'Pol annoys me to no end - the role was so completely and thoroughly miscast.

As for Trip, I always felt like it was the writers giving us a pal and that rubbed me the wrong way on the series, as there were a lot of moments (e. g. the teaser for Similitude) that were played to really yank on our heartstrings. I had liked him before, but I have trouble relating to him now; I think they just went too heavy-handed with the everyman stuff, as if they could only give it to one character, so they larded him up with it.

I like Archer because he definitely starts out stupidly - someone had said like a Jehovah's Witness in space and to me that's spot on. He has to go through the biggest changes and has what, to me, ends up being the most satisfying arc. He absolutely loses his innocence and turns from a space boy scout into a warrior and, eventually, a nascent statesman.

And TATV is crap, but not so much for Trip's death than for the fact that it is crap on a cracker as a bad TNG episode.
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