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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I could only go with average I'm afraid and it might have been less until the twists (well the Prophet related twists anyway - the other one wasn't a shock) at the end.

Couldn't get anywhere with the orb experience Kira story - maybe depending on the ending it might get some value in retrospect but it was a fairly standard, generic even, story of resistance to opression and having read a few better written books lately which touched upon local resistance movements during the second world war this was just too bland for me to care.

The DS9 story just felt a bit too familiar - big event happening and a lot of character work leading up to the latest disaster. The last books had the same structure and all this did was make the DS9 crew look fairly incompetent.

It was great to see more catch up with the DS9 characters particularly Ro but the new command staff are still essentially blank slates and others are somewhat out of focus - what's going on with Nog - does he have a girlfriend or life of any kind, does he resent being under O'Brien again given his rank, anything would be nice. Also Sarina Douglas is still a complete personality black hole - she's no longer the super woman plot device she was in Zero Sum Game but it's been replaced with nothing.

As a lot of this seemed to be set up for the rest of the series so maybe I'll think better of this when we see how everything plays out but at the moment this was a real disappointment.
This a problem i have with drg iii. He spends an entire chapter of Kira just watching Emissary. and its the boring part of Emissary, its every single Sisko in the wormhole scene.

He did the same thing with his Crucible Trilogy, especially the Spock one, where he just copied and pasted the City on the Edge of forever transcript to the page.

No wonder his books are so freakin' long.

Enjoying it so far though.
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