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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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Of course, the Enterprise-A ended up as a bucket of bolts in STV. Ironyyyyyyy!
Indeed, and I'd say that a ship "put together by monkeys" (Scotty, ST V) could probably be handled by "a chimpanzee and two trainees" (Scotty, ST III).

But seriously, what the fxxx where Nimoy and Bennett thinking?

First, they listen to Enterprise-hater Ken Ralston who pitched the idea to have the Enterprise destroyed in ST III. And in the very next movie they suddenly realize how stupid they were listening to this guy and resurrect the Enterprise.

Did they consider Excelsior to be Kirk's next assignment? Unless they wanted to look stupid (see above) I can imagine they seriously thought about this. But I vividly remember the fans expressing their dislike with the Excelsior (with Bjo Trimble as a very prominent spokesperson) so Nimoy and Bennett (reluctantly?) apparently decided to appease the fans to sell movie tickets and avoid bad PR.

In retrospect and the audio commentaries for ST III all the other ships - of course - were no match for the Enterprise according to Nimoy and Bennett. I still need to listen how they explained the Enterprise's comeback at the end of ST IV...


@ Reverend

I've been told in another thread that the Enterprise-A's bridge display illustrations, indicating "transwarp", were a deliberate alteration of Shane Johnson, author of the movie Enterprise guidebook.
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