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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

Thanks, Maurice, I hadn't been able to see the port side close-up before.

Although I really don't want to be a party pooper I have to express my doubts (already did so in blssdwlf's WIP Enterprise thread) whether these close-up shots are genuine pictures of the original model (and not just an almost perfect reproduction of it):
  • On Richard Datin's Website (the ones with the bluescreen in the background) he also illustrated a decal sheet (featuring the exterior text signs on the 11-footer VFX Enterprise) saying that some of the texts made it into the shuttlebay VFX model. None of these text signs we see here is one from that decal sheet, in addition the font style is a different one than the style on the decal sheet
  • The Datin picture clearly shows the full length of the large port (and starboard) side embayment (in contrast to the actual VFX footage in the episodes where the embayment was "cut in half"). The Datin picture clearly shows that the middle of the embayment is just right of the "Warning Fire" sign. In the close-up shots from a magazine (which magazine?) the middle of the embayment is left of the "Warning Fire" sign.
I think this is substantial evidence that the close-up shots come from a very, very passionate attempt to faithfully reproduce the shuttlebay model,
but the model artist lacked reference materials revealing the actual length of these embayments and the original decal sheets.

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