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Re: Any mixed feelings about the transporter?

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But if the mothership doesn't depart during this survey, then this is an excellent opportunity to have a bit of extra futurism. That is, the futuristic landing party doesn't need to stockpile any supplies, because it can request that those materialize out of thin air exactly when and where needed! Clothing and sidearms and tricorders and nothing else is fine for TOS; even coffee can be beamed down as needed.
Theoretically, you´re right of course. But the transporter isn´t 100% reliable, there are numerous examples where it doesn´t work or can´t be used for other reasons. So when you´re down on a planet with adverse conditions (like in "Enemy Within" or "Spock´s Brain") I wouldn´t want to trust my life to a means of transportation and supply, that may fail at the most inopportune moment. I´d rather take a shuttle so I could be sure it provides shelter, supplies and transportation.

And I didn´t mean to say "don´t use the transporter at all", but "use it where it makes sense". So when you´re going down to a tropical paradise, transporters are okay

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