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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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It was not. The warp and impulse engines were disabled
Warp drive, yes. Impulse, clearly NOT since it was exactly that which arrested the fall in the first place. The misalignment of the warp core was apparently a consequence of the ship being tossed around after the initial power loss and was just a "finishing touches" move for the repairs that brought the engines back online.

and the power fails pretty much immediately after the torpedoes disable the Vengeance.
Actually, it's closer to two to three minutes; time enough for Kirk to carry a hobbled Carol Marcus to sickbay and talk to bones about the torpedoes and the sleeping pods. We don't know EXACTLY how much times elapses because of the condensed pace of the Abrams movies; real world time, that's anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

The Enterprise was dead in the water. Spock even says so earlier.
Spock says they "cannot flee." He doesn't say WHY, though the reason for this is pretty obvious.

Using Newtonian mechanics is bad science, huh.
Only when you use it incorrectly.
There is nothing wrong with my analysis
Really? You started by asserting that Earth's gravity is non-existent at 300,000km, which is DEAD wrong. You implied that Enterprise would have "fallen" from a stationary position at that altitude, which is impossible. You implied that their position relative to the moon was unchanged, which is ALSO impossible. And then with the simple fact that their actual motion throughout the encounter is unknown, you wave your hands and change the subject.

Bad science remains bad science even if you're using it to criticize other bad science.
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