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Since their position with respect to the moon doesn't really change during the entire encounter
You don't know that. Even a relatively slow (by Trek standards) orbital velocity of 10 to 15km/s wouldn't be noticeable in the short timeframe we're seeing; at that velocity alone you wouldn't start to notice a change in the moon's position for at least an hour, and you would approach the Earth in about six hours.
Well, that depends strongly on your assumed initial conditions, but be that as it may, 6 hours is still much greater than 5 minutes. So no matter how you slice it: they aren't falling to earth in the time shown. I had to edit my initial post for you to understand that, but apparently that was pointless.

On the other hand, Enterprise would have been heading for Earth under impulse power at this point,...

...Vengence blows up, Enterprise heads for Earth at one quarter impulse power. ...

It was not. The warp and impulse engines were disabled, and the power fails pretty much immediately after the torpedoes disable the Vengeance. The Enterprise was dead in the water. Spock even says so earlier.

Using Newtonian mechanics is bad science, huh.
Only when you use it incorrectly.
There is nothing wrong with my analysis, nor my assumptions about what will or will not affect the calculation (your own numbers show that). Your use of faulty initial data, however, skews your numbers.
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