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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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At 300,000km from Earth, the gravitation field from the Earth is effectively 0.
Incorrect. It's actually about 55mm/s. Which is not at all insigifnicant, considering that force of gravity is sufficient to keep the moon in a circular orbit and not drifting off into space.
It's insignificant in terms of the "boost" it gives them in moving toward Earth. A quick calculation shows that it would take on the order of 40 hours to fall to Earth from rest at that distance. Not 5 minutes. And it would require a SIGNIFICANT radial velocity to accomplish that, something you're just not going to get from "explosive decompression" (especially if you guys insist the Enterprise is 700m long).

And before I go on, let me be clear: 'm not arguing they *won't* fall to Earth. I'm arguing they wouldn't do so in the time shown in the film (nowhere near it, actually).

Crazy Eddie wrote:
They were at least 50,000km from the moon, so Earth's gravity was still dominant.
Already taken into account.

And that assumes they started to fall from a stationary position relative to the Earth and the moon; in space, there's no such thing. Both ships were in motion relative to both the Earth and the moon;...
Of course it's possible to be stationary with respect to the Earth. Many satellites are. The likelihood they would drop out of warp in this state, however, is slim. But since their position with respect to the moon doesn't really change during the entire encounter, and furthermore the Enterprise maneuvers to be co-moving with the Vengeance, it stands to reason they weren't moving in a radial direction toward Earth. Ergo, no significant initial velocity.

We don't know anything about their actual orbital characteristics when they drop to sublight, but they are definitely not stationary.
It won't make a difference, unless they were already plunging toward Earth.

You wrote:
Me wrote:
Using bad science to nitpick bad science is fail.
Using Newtonian mechanics is bad science, huh. News to me. But who am I to argue.
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