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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

A line from Bryan Cranston about "do your magic" doesn't do the job. That much money is going to immediately convince every police agency with any chance to claim jurisdiction to try to keep Pinkman in custody, not excluding the Arizona game wardens. The nonsense about Jesse being Albuquerque PD's problem is even worse. The DEA is not going to have underlings question keeping a watch on a drug dealer whose millions of dollars they could seize. Instead, the bosses in DC would be on the horn firing Hank's ass if he didn't.

It's not as egregious an error, but Hank should know the confession wouldn't stand up. The story about Hank selling Walt to Fring is absurd on its face, no one sells a golden goose. The murder of Boetticher is impossible to fit into the scenario. The unforgettable spectacle of a giant magnet toppling a truck against the wall of an evidence room to destroy computer evidence shows the confession is nonsense as well. Either Hank would have destroyed the evidence himself (presumably lest Fring be taken alive) or he would have gone ahead and used it.

The DEA itself knew that Hank wasn't druglording it when he was detailed with the agents going after Tuco. Nor was he when the DEA had him under close guard for a prolonged period of time. In general, Hank's pursuit of "Heisenberg" when it even jeopardized his career is completely irreconcilable with "Heisenberg" being under his thumb the whole time. Hank's career is gone when it all comes out, but Hank knows that already.

Sorry, but the writers are losing the plot.

On the subject of Walter's feelings about Walt Jr.: By a coincidence I was rewatching The Flash series. Bryan Cranston played a criminal tycoon who was chasing his estranged wife to kidnap his infant daughter, even though he didn't much like her. Walter White has more feelings for Walt Jr. than Cranston's earlier iteration of a Bad Dad. But possessiveness is still a major motive. Walt bigtime manipulating both Jr. and Jesse in the same episode is not an accident, even if it was unconscious on the writers' part.

The saintliness of Walt and Skylar in taking loving care of Jr. despite the difficulties smacks of a sentimental glorification of characters. Acknowledging mixed feelings about the rigors is not character assassination, but treating the characters as humans. This is doubly true since one thing clearly established about Walt's character is that he never honestly faces himself. The writers have been showing the hero Breaking Bad & Kicking Ass. When they draw the line at showing their hero as an imperfect parent to a handicapped child, they are saving their hero from looking really bad. Lots of people like Walt for winning, but very few will like him for being dissatisfied with a defective son.
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