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Re: Defending J.J. Abrams (rant) (Spoilers)

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Easy big guy. I don't think this community is as polarized as you think. There are people here on both sides of the Abrams divide.

That said, you make a lot of good points. Trek needed a reboot. Abrams brought new life into the franchise. I'm not going to attack you or anything you've said, but the way you've framed your post (rant, attacks), invites a negative response.
I'm not looking for a negative response. More or less being comical. As for the community, I know it's not as one sided as I may make it sound. This post is directed at the side of the community that has a strong hatred for J.J. Abram's work. I would have choose not to give examples and a reasonable defense if I was looking for an argument. Though I would not mind to hear some more views from the other side of the fence. There are a lot of things I don't like about the new movies... most of which debating has brought to light for me.

And thank you! I was hoping the Klingon face at the end would make me seem even more hostile... I suppose it worked.
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