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Re: The Aligorical Aliens!

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I think people look too much into things. The Klingon Empire was by communist standards an imperialist society. Last I checked Kruschev and Brezhnev didn't fight to the death for leadership of the Soviet Union. The Romulan Star Empire was also a place where class mattered. The Cardassian Union was more a military dictatorship than a fascist regime as well. Just take the Trek races at face value... most of them aren't very deep... and leave it at that.
There's no doubt that the Klingons in TOS were stand in for the Soviets. A point made more explicit in the Undiscovered Country. In TNG and beyond they moved beyond and into being Space Biker/Viking/Samurai. While the Soviets didn't engage in hand to hand combat to become leaders they did engage in other tactics that ended in the deaths of their opponents.

The Romulans are partly a stand in for the Chinese ( the mysterious foe we have no real contact with) and also Nazis. The plot of Balance of Terror is lifted from a WWII set war film The Enemy Below. The only other major Romulan story from TOS is "the Enterprise Incident" which was inspired by the Pueblo Incident". The classism of Romulan Society is a later addition.

Being "allegories" doesn't mean a 100% replication.
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