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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

^^^^Thanks for that answer. As I said above it's one of my favorite pieces of music.

I can't remember what the last episode I posted about was, but I continue on. Even though the show feels pretty different now that they've gotten past the Laura Palmer story, it's still holding my interest. The Windom Earle storyline is interesting, but right now what's fascinating me more is the ongoing story lines of some of the side characters: The story with Big Ed and Nadine is I think my favorite story line. I also liked seeing David Warner show up and the guy who played the "Old Man" from Robocop that are both involved in the Josie storyline.

The movie should arrive tomorrow in the mail, and I will probably finish off the series by Friday, so that's when I plan to watch it. I might make myself popcorn and everything.
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