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Re: Who is the worst character in any of the trek series?

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Why does everyone hate Wesley?

Am I the only one who was disappointed when he left TNG? :P
Wesley is just so God damned annoying. If you make a collection of all the most ridiculous lines ever said on TNG, at least half of them came out of Wesley's mouth.

Plus there was whole thing where he was better than the professionals were at their jobs. If there was a problem aboard the Enterprise, don't ask the engineer or the weapons expert or even the fucking android; talk to the boy.

But yeah I was sad when he left. I remember I watched "Final Mission" with my Grandpa. We were both kind of bummed. As annoying as he was, he was still a part of the family.

Plus, it's still Wil Wheaton. Honestly I can't think of anyone who I have a stronger love/hate relationship with a actor/character.
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