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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

Candlelight wrote: View Post
Paul Vanezis has since banned Rich Johnston from both Gallifrey Base and the Missing Episodes forum, and has deleted all his posts in the latter forum.
It would be more accurate to say that Vanezis asked Steven W. Hill to ban Johnston from Gallifrey Base. On the Missing Episodes Forum, Vanezis can do what he wants as its his forum. On Gallifrey Base, Vanezis is just a poster, albeit one with a name, and even he wasn't immune from being edited by the moderators when he called Johnston "scum."

It may be worth noting that Scot Ferre, the other Gallifrey Base poster whose posts were quoted in the Bleeding Cool article, has said that he did not ask for Johnston to be banned from Gallifrey Base.

While it sucks that Johnston was banned from Gallifrey Base, what he did was against GB's rules and Hill was right to pull the trigger. Hill has preemptively issued warnings to the past to journalists not to trawl GB in search of quotes as it's a private forum and posters expect that what they say there will remain private. When Michael Moorcock's Terraphiles was announced, an enthusiastic fan started copying messages from GB to Moorcock's forum with the best of intentions -- to show Moorcock that Who fandom was excited -- and Hill politely asked the poster to cease doing so.
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