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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

You're comparing the creative writing process or an entire universe setting spanning hundreds of years to... sports? Okay....

Football is a game with set limits and rules. By it's very definition it can't be more, it's not trying to tell a story, it just is. The only rules in Trek are the ones imposed on ourselves. It can be anything. DS9 did just fine even though it wasn't a space ship boldly going. Heck, it's my favorite of the Trek series being the setting forced the writers to get creative and focus more on characterization. It's great to have a new alien of the week, it's even better to learn and explore those aliens of the weeks because you're dealing with them every day.

What is a new series or movie with another ship boldly going where no one has gone before going to give us but a slightly different version of what we've seen in TOS, the movies, TNG, it's movies, VOY and Enterprise? Was there -anything- in Into Darkness we really hadn't already seen before? Yes, something new would be a welcome change.
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