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Re: USS Sitak registry

Yeah except that the Shir'kar's registry is 31905... which for all we know was a generic registry stamp on all Miranda class ships that eventually got officially linked via!to...s9/d8hsdKFNf40

Also Star Trek Bridge Commander seems to make use of the 31859 number for the Sitak which fits well though I'm not sure what their source is.

Dukat! Regarding your chronology I've been thinking that it could be entirely possible that a second line of Ambassador class ships were constructed in the 45,000-60,000 range right after the Excelsior/Miranda explosion. My only real evidence for this is the Niagara class ships Wellington 28473 and Princeton 59804 however I do suspect that its entirely possible that if the filming model had survived past the DS9 pilot and into CGI format we may have seen a few with a registry in the 50,000's. My opinion anyway

And yes I think Roddenberry had never saw the Federation as having so many ships and they did by DS9. I think in his head he felt there were maybe a few dozen or hundred at a time.
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