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Re: Who is the worst character in any of the trek series?

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Why does everyone hate Wesley?

Am I the only one who was disappointed when he left TNG? :P
I'm with you. I enjoyed his arc and never minded that he was a genius.
Wesley got a lot better as he went on. Then they ruined it with that stupid "Higher Plane of Being" BS.

I didn't care much for Kes or Chakotay. I loved all the TOS and TNG casts. Mayweather was kind of useless. Not a bad guy, just...there.

As for DS9...ugh...Odo irritated the shit out of me, as did Kira. I'll even go further (at the risk of public lynching) and say I didn't really like Sisko either. It was not really Brooks' fault (although he did Shatner the hell out of some of his scenes). The whole Prophet thing turned me off from the beginning. I just didn't buy into that storyline.

I did love Garak and Quark though. They should have had more of them.

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