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Re: Strax, Jenny and Vastra (and to a lesser extent River)

Starkers wrote: View Post
I don't think Strax has ruined the Sontarans, you only have to look at his change in character in The Name of the Doctor, and I think Sontarans could still be scary, depends how they're written.
I think he has. I can't take them seriously anymore. Every time I'd watch a Sontaran episode, from now on, I'd probably think of fucking Srtax.

Well with Moffat writing them, they'd be as scary as a little pink bunny rabbit with the word "boo" written on a postet note stuck on its tiny little nose.

Moffat has ruined so much since he's been in. Since he's been in charge, it's been too child friendly. yes it's mainly aimed at families, but even children would find it too tame. Instead it's filled with un-scary episodes with plots so complicated, even intelligent adults get stuck.
Alidar Jarok wrote: View Post
Regarding River, I still want Captain Jack and River to be together in an episode. That's the only one that I'd really care about. It would be nice to see her and Capaldi together to see how they interact, but no need to rush into that (let Capaldi establish himself first).
Yeah, I think Capaldi and River will probably work better actually. Seeing they're around the same age.
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