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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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but if you can build a 700 meter starship, then why can't you build it on the ground.
That's the "we went to the moon, why can't I have a flying car" logic.
Indeed it is.

And we can, in fact, have flying cars. It's not actually that hard to do. The reason we don't have a lot of STREET LEGAL flying cars is because it turns out they're not actually all that practical from a transportation standpoint.

You know what else isn't practical? Hiding a starship on the bottom of an ocean. It's not actually that hard to do. It's just kind of silly, and your chief engineer is probably going to complain a lot about how stupid this is even if you think you have a good reason for doing it.
I take Kirk hiding the Enterprise on the bottom of the ocean as another symptom of what Pike was talking about with Kirk not being responsible and being careless.

I'd say it applies to the whole crew. They all needed a lesson in being adults, and STID was that lesson.
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