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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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A Starfleet captain who knows nothing about the culture of their fellow Federation co-founders is bad enough, but a Starfleet doctor who knows nothing about Vulcan physiology despite having a half-Vulcan crew member is just ridiculous.

Not just this episode but in the entire series this attidue bothers me. I would think that by the 23rd century a Doctor would have a breadth of knowledge about other humanoid species.

They should that Dr. Phlox on Enteprise seemd to be more knowledgeable about the physiology of other humanoid species.
As originally written, the Vulcans were a mysterious race that kept largely to themselves and didn't share much with outsiders. Even Spock didn't reveal everything there was to know about Vulcans.

It wasn't until ten or so episodes after "Amok Time" that the character of Dr. M'Benga was introduced as a physician that had studied on Vulcan for a while and was more familiar with Vulcan physiology than most Starfleet doctors (but even then, he may not have known everything about them).

By the time of TNG, though, Vulcans may have dropped their veil of secrecy and quite a bit about their biology had long since been made available in the Starfleet Medical database.
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