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Re: Have the Galaxy Class got a fatal design flaw?

The flaw was they fired one time... that's it.
Umm, the ship was constantly firing at the Klingons as far as the soundscape on the bridge was concerned: the phasers were going "ping ping" again and again.

most of the weapons were facing away from the ship
Not really - the main phasers face in every direction, and there's a stern torpedo tube to cover for the bow tube. If anything, there were more phaser strips available to Riker when mooning the Klingons: the ones at the stern cannot fire forward, while none of the ones facing forward are incapable of firing aft. Perhaps Starfleet wisely designs its ships with firepower concentrated to protect a retreat?

the shields of a 20-year old Bird of Prey
...Were probably upgraded by the tech wizard Soran. After all, he did promise to do something about the Klingon ship being a hopeless underdog - and the Klingons themselves were mightily surprised by the fact that their shields held.

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