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Re: DS9 on blu-ray -- What can we do?

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Seems pretty clear-cut to me. TNG may have been the favorite back in the day, but a *lot* of people feel DS9 has aged better. That's worth something to the studios, whether they realize it or not.
And this is why it's up to us to make it clear how much demand there may well be for this series. And of course, the obvious metric being evaluated by CBS is sales of TNG blu (already mentioned upthread)

Well I have been doing my part and can only look forward to more Trek on blu. iTunes, Netflix, etc. don't personally interest me but they're obvious outlets for these HD remasters as well.

Has there been any announced plans of returning TNG to HD syndication? Or is there an assumption that this would only happen after all 7 seasons are complete?

TNG season 5 and Unification pre-ordered, waiting on word of ENT season 3 (which I'm largely enjoying rewatching) and can't wait for any concrete info on DS9.

I'm sure most here are already aware, but I did re-read this article recently which may lead to more optimism and an answer to those concerned about the increasing use of CGI. Trekcore Article
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