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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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Except that Voyager was never an arc show. Easier to keep the concept going if you don't have any reason beyond the setting for things to move forward.

I agree that last night's episode revealed things that would make a second season difficult. When they revealed a major plot point to the characters, you get a distinct feeling of things coming to a close. At this point, I'm not sure how they could do a second season unless they reveal a completely new villain for next season and involve more of the outside.
i was just being a smartass about Voyager. But in all seriousness they even had trouble with new ideas and had to bring back the Borg to make it interesting again - or at least try.
Ahh, I can see what you meant. You make a good point about the Borg. And then they were overused. If it were made today, I think it would at least have a hint of a story arc going on in the background.

Regarding Under the Dome. I agree with everyone that season 2 is going to be tough to find any decent material to make it interesting. As you say - perhaps what's happening outside the dome may fuel a few episodes.
Yeah, and come to think of it, and I'm not sure about the book, but beyond what we did see of the outside, I'd have liked to have seen more of what's going on outside from an outside perspective. What's happening out there? Are there any efforts to find out what's happening with the dome? Since the bomb, there doesn't seem to be any active effort. It makes it feel like the dome's the only thing that has survived the blast, but there's more to the world than that. Where's the President jumping into action?
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