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Re: Why wasn't Worf in Code of Honor?

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because it was shorter than writing 'negative charicature black people that act like savages by kidnapping white women such as might appear in something from the 1930s' which i probably should've said to be clearer.

and as for the other points you know it isn't.

on topic for the thread: worf was off getting his ridges waxed

So because Denise Crosby is white her kidnapping is savagery when comitted by black men because of how your mind associates savagery with black people due to inflammatory depictions from gone by eras? What if she had been kidnapped by black women would that count as savagery? What about asians in wheelchairs? What strikes me as problematic on your part is that you are making the act of savagery dependent on the ethnicity of those who commit the act. Would the idea that Lutan and his people are savages have even entered your mind if they had been white and Yar black? It strikes me that it is you who is thinking in racist terms here.
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