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Re: Any mixed feelings about the transporter?

In "The Cage" we saw the landing party beam down with field jackets and equipment in backpacks. For an extended survey task that makes sense and should have been seen throughout TOS.
But if the mothership doesn't depart during this survey, then this is an excellent opportunity to have a bit of extra futurism. That is, the futuristic landing party doesn't need to stockpile any supplies, because it can request that those materialize out of thin air exactly when and where needed! Clothing and sidearms and tricorders and nothing else is fine for TOS; even coffee can be beamed down as needed. And for TNG, sidearms and tricorders should've been done away with as well, these only appearing in the hands of the heroes at those times they will see action...

Of course, Trek didn't take that route, in which case I agree the other route should have been taken more decisively. Backpacks, body armor, powered body armor when state of VFX art allows, the works. As long as it doesn't look conventional; silly sand buggies are right out, for example. (But I did like the rollable, bulletproof, transparent riot shields of ST5 a lot.)

Timo Saloniemi
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