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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I wonder how serious talk of a Better Call Saul spin off is. Hopefully he survives.
There is talk of it being a prequel or a seque or 30 or 60 minutes, so it doesn't seem planned.

I think he will live though.
It was strange - there wasn't one mention of a potential spin-off in "Talking Bad", which had Bob Odenkirk on that night. If any time would have been appropriate to bring it up, that would have been it. The show thrives on asking questions about web rumors about BB and that seemed to be a glaring omission, and I was waiting for it to come up the entire time. It almost seems to me that they might have been directed not to bring it up at all by the showrunners.
Happy birthday, 137th Gebirg! The bonus-web version does elaborate on that. Check it out before the link evaporates:
Talking Bad is an awesome concept, but the broadcast warms them up and it seems the web versions get the better stuff.
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