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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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The nail in the coffin was the fact that Hank's wife paid cash that they aren't supposed to have. That's tangible evidence that Hank could have been involved in drugs.
Not by itself. They would have to come up with considerably more than $177,000. And Hisenberg's dope was still being sold long after the rehab payment. How much cash do Hank and Marie have now? There are unaccounted for millions AFTER the rehab payment.

If there is no cash or electronic funds, and no means or evidence of laundering, then all the financial evidence would consist of $177,000. That is a paltry sum if you are trying to prove that a person has reaped the financial benefits of a drug empire which Walt claims in his confession Hank runs. If that's true, then where's all the "benefits"?

Walt would be telling the DEA that Hank is the drug kingpin while Walt, an "underling" and therefor a lesser earner, needs an obvious means of money laundering while the top dog does not? Should be the other way around.

Hank feels his career is already "in the coffin", the 'last nail" in the coffin is the blow to his integrity caused by Walt's accusations and how the $177,000 would muddy the water even further.

But same thing for Walter, all he has to show is a car wash and a new car, where is the rest the DEA would wonder. So this can apply to Hank thinking he stashed the money away.
The question at hand actually concerned how plausible a case for Hank being a drug kingpin could be made given Hank and Marie's current financial situation. I may have muddied up the water a bit by making the comparison between Hank and Walt.

We all know that Hank doesn't have enough evidence to get a case to trial against Walt, yet. But if Hank can get a real confession out of Jessie or Skylar, Walt's done. There are no smoking guns out there in the form of witnesses or other hard evidence strong enough to get an indictment against Hank.

My point was that even after a thorough investigation the DA would not likely have enough evidence (well, no evidence, actually) to even file charges against Hank. There is evidence out there against Walt, but Hank (or someone) is going to have to find it.
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