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I've had a conception originating from 1996....a film in my own head, fully scripted and plotted though well over 120 pages. It's fully cast with almost 50 actors selected. Since it was 17 years back, some of the cast have passed away. Due to time and computer issues involved, a bare minimum of three posts and perhaps five in-depth paragraphs be required to sufficiently highlight it.

The main question is, would it be fair to inflict the concept on the simultaneously obtuse, addle-minded, careless and the daffy minority of one? Not that I have any issues with his pitches. The vast majority of you MAY buy into the terrorist parakeet concept, and nobody's required to applaud, bow or like the premise. But if the mind is closed before the attempt's made, what's the point of attempting it?

Which Simpson's episode is it most like?
Hard to say. I've seen only 20 percent of the shows. But two of the 603 villains of the ''movie'' were ''casted'' to be Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castalaneta...voices only. They'd play Twitter and Itchynipples respectively. Twitter almost makes it to the end of the ''movie.'' Itchynipples buys it halfway through after being slugged with a toilet seat and flushed down the attached toilet.

582 of the 603 bad guys are the parakeets, but only one of them, the leader, is a true character. Three of the villains are human, and one is under cover in a sense. The final 18 are larger birds of various types. One is much more prominent than the others. Only 20 of the total birds have legitimate if MOSTLY brief speaking parts and are all stunt-casted by 1996-era actors. All these characters including Twitter are male. More to come on this.

Thematically, HOT FUZZ and the first KICK-ASS are quite similar in my approach. But when this was assembled in my head my key influences were DIE HARD, TRUE GRIT (with a blonder, older version of its heroine), THE USUAL SUSPECTS (for a key mysterious subplot) and THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING for its comedic emphasis gradually shifting to 90 percent seriousness.

Please, please tell me you're using trained birds and not CGI!

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What you may want to do at this point is tell me what specific aspects, parts and characters of DIE HARD you enjoyed the most, then I can tell you how those moments or characters were adapted or corrupted. The script is written and it's way too long for two hours, but I can provide comparative answers. Don't worry if your thoughts are ultra-specific. This is a kitchen sink spoof conceived half-a-year before SCREAM.
I like the part in Die Hard when he says "DIE HARD!!! YEAAHHHHH!!!"

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