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Two things i'd immediately green light if i had the money and the clout in Hollywood

- Battletech

30 foot tall walking Battlemechs have become the Kings of the battlefield in a distant future where humanity has spread to the stars but interstellar politics have not become enlightened instead. Wars are legitimate tools of politics and used as such in both small skirmishes and large scale engagements.
If successful can be easily expanded into a TV show with the added bonus of introducing the Clans

- Shadowrun

It's the year 2050, technology has become so advanced that technological and biological body modifications have become normal and Man/Machine interfaces are the standard, huge Megacorporations that rival (or in many cases surpass) states in power who battle it out on the stock market as well as in the shadows where a group of people called Shadowrunners do every job from stealing data to killing people in order to further the plans of their temporary employer
The twist? With the end of the Mayan calendar Magic has "returned" to the world instantly causing some people to transform into fantasy races such as Elves, Dwarves or Orcs and some few ones can actually use magic in both offense and defense making them highly sought after specialists
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