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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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oh and there's another thought, would you as a human persue a relationship with someone who wuld only live 9 years? would you have a child with them knowing they wouldn't live much more than that
And the answer would be different depending on the character.

My aunt married a man who'd had a glioblastoma resected from his brain. They had 2 kids. The cancer recurred when the youngest was 3 months old.

I always thought that was incredibly brave--to fall in love with & marry someone who you knew would make you a young widow.

Then I found myself in the same position when I met my sweetie. And I understood why she'd done it.

You learn a great deal about living from folks who have a keen sense of their own mortality.

I made the same choice she did--minus the children.
I guess the time you have with them is worth it, but damn I can't imagine going into a relationship knowing that. I'm sorry about your husband Teya
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