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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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Well, dude, you read my mind. Not only is it out of character, but it's out of place. A better line would have been for him to be silently shaking with anger, if he had to be that emotional at all. It was a great tear-jerking scene until this happened.
This too. And I liked that movie. It just seemed... unneccessary.
I laughed way too hard in the theater when Spock yelled that. I just couldn't help it.
I didn't laugh when he said "THHAAAAAAAAAT"... but saw it coming a mile away... cringed a bit inside as to whether he'd really say it, then tossed off my 3-D glasses and sighed. --->

Pretty much out of the movie from that point on.

Saw it a second time, no 3-D, accepted what was to come, but still not sold on it. Gotta see how the blu-ray plays.
"Its like weve set up Khan as some perfect ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who dumped us a long time ago, and we compare everyone we date to Khan. Well never be happy if we do this!" - Ryan Britt
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