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Re: USS Sitak registry

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What source mentions 2345 if I may ask?
The ship's dedication plaque states the launch stardate.

There is certainly convincing evidence to suggest that they aren't chronological however I still feel that was the original intention (sort of like a stamp put for every new ship launched in order of completion, which makes the most sense really) but then the production staff kept changing things to keep the story going.
Oh yes, in 40+ years of Trek, there's going to be inconsistencies. That's why it annoys me when people say things like, "That's not what Roddenberry would have done," or "That's not what Matt Jefferies would have done," etc., as if things absolutely have to be the way it was developed way back in the '60's.

BTW I did read your Chronological Timeline which I (mostly) agreed on. Good research there!
Thank you
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