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I am happy with how this week is turning out so far. I wanted to Judd to return, so I was glad that happened. Although I'm not a huge Elissa fan, I don't really care for her either way, I was glad she won because I knew she wouldn't fall under the spell of Amanda.


The veto is won by Amanda. So while many in the house toyed with the idea of her being the re-nom and voting her out this week, that obviously won't happen. Amanda used the veto on McCrae and Elissa put up Andy against Aaryn. Aaryn will be going home, which is perfectly fine by me. Of course now Aaryn's pouting about how she shouldn't have done what Amanda wanted, because it didn't pay off for her in the end. She told Amanda, "I wouldn't have done all of those things for you if I knew that you would choose Andy over me."

By the way, Amanda has NOT been dealing well with not getting her way. They tried to get Elissa to nominate GM next to Aaryn, so they could send home GM and keep the 3AM alliance intact, but Elissa didn't fall for it. But this pisses off Amanda big time, and she goes around the house acting a complete fool. And I know the word bully gets thrown around a lot in BB history, but she truly was a big bully to Elissa, in her face tormenting her to the point that Elissa was afraid to leave her HOH room.

Judd seems like a new player now that he's back. He is definitely against Amanda and McCrae, but is doing a good job of hiding that fact from them. It seems that his eyes have been opened about a lot of things now. But, he still seems to be trusting Andy. Spencer, Andy, Judd, and GM have made a new final four alliance, and say they will all go after Amanda/McCrae next week, but its very hard to tell how serious Andy is about the alliance. I think he will throw HOH so he doesn't have to make a choice.
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