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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Spock said that the gravity systems were failing, that could mean they were going haywire, it didn't help that the Enterprise was caught in the gravity field of Earth.
At 300,000km from Earth, the gravitation field from the Earth is effectively 0.
Incorrect. It's actually about 55mm/s. Which is not at all insigifnicant, considering that force of gravity is sufficient to keep the moon in a circular orbit and not drifting off into space.

So, they should never have been "caught" in the gravity field of Earth.
Strictly speaking, they were never OUT of it. But since the Enterprise after defeating Vengeance would have immediately begun moving towards Earth on impulse power, then "caught" in gravity would simply mean the loss of engine power means what had been an eliptical orbit now transformed into an impact trajectory (see "The Naked Time", among others).

And even if they were, it would have taken quite a long time to fall (in fact, they probably should have crashed into the moon instead)
They were at least 50,000km from the moon, so Earth's gravity was still dominant. And that assumes they started to fall from a stationary position relative to the Earth and the moon; in space, there's no such thing. Both ships were in motion relative to both the Earth and the moon; significantly, they were both in motion at about the same velocity, which is why the debris field between them doesn't move when Vengenace's systems are shut down.

We don't know anything about their actual orbital characteristics when they drop to sublight, but they are definitely not stationary.

Using bad science to nitpick bad science is fail.
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