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Re: Lindelof not writing next trek movie?

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They predominantly write SF and understand its unique requirements.
That makes them prolific science fiction writers. They aren't any more "real" than if I were to sit down, write a story, and call it sci-fi.
You could also duct tape boxes together and call it a house, but that doesn't make you a carpenter. You could surgically remove your neighbor's spleen but that doesn't make you a doctor. Further, I could write a serious drama with no laughs in it whatsoever and call it a comedy, but calling it that doesn't make it so. "Science fiction" as a genre has several agreed-upon definitions by those who've practiced it (who else should define it?), and most television writers don't write things that fit those definitions. It's not an insult to television writers to define what they do and what they don't do, and it's not to say they can't write good scripts. It's just that I, personally, would like to see Trek bringing back the imaginative SF it used to try to do on occasion by people who do it for a living.
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So that would be no on Duane and almost on Foster. ( assuming one sees TOS and TAS as seperate shows)
It would be a "no" for both.

Duane wrote for TNG, not TOS.

Foster's TOS script was unproduced - and quite unknown until he mentioned it an essay for the most recent trade reprints of the "Logs" (it was the story about Captain Kumara, Cadet Kirk's former Klingon Exchange Program roommate) - and adapting TAS episodes for books, writing TAS-based audios and a "story by" credit on TMP wouldn't count as writing for TOS either.
I'm not sure who specified only TOS. I certainly didn't, and a "story by" credit does count for me. I'd be happy with a new Trek series with stories by SF authors being adapted into teleplays by television writers.
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