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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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When M-5 was neutralized, they were regaining control of the ship. They had about 1 minute but they were doing something to restore control. At the very minimum, they were forcing the shields to stay down and working on communications at the same time.
Which wouldn't have been an issue of M5 hadn't gone out of its way to sabotage the override system in the first place (and even re-route controls to prevent them from disconnecting it while it was still operational). Under normal circumstances, full vessel control would have been restored by the touch of a button.

A "similar" ladderway doesn't mean it is not part of engineering.
None of those ladderways are IN engineering (e.g. the engine room, where the intermix/energizers are located). If he's even inside the secondary hull, he is at least one bulkhead/compartment removed from it.

Since the specific one Scotty and engineer are in has some sort of panel
The panel is on the wall behind the ladder. We don't know if it's a feature of the tube itself or something the other engineer had installed there for some other reason.

For that matter, we don't even know if Scotty was working on the computer at the time Kirk called him. For all we know, he'd gone up to C-deck to repair an air leak while his two programming techs were finishing up the testing with the firmware upgrades.

Were they? Right after Khan's torpedo strike they still had power for a few phaser shots. Here the automation completely took them out of the game with apparently no chance for a manual override.
Except in Wrath of Khan they had a full crew aboard (albiet with trainees) which would have included techs in the phaser room and in engineering to make sure those "few shots" were even available. With those rooms empty, they have no options; at full power they MIGHT have been able to charge the phasers remotely, but with the mains out and the computers damaged, that would have to have been done manually.

That spillover is from all the sparking.
No it isn't. It's only present on the saucer at the exact moment of impact and then doesn't appear again.

The hit location however should have eliminated that starboard shadow from the light source.
It partially did:

And I'll remind you that your original claim was that the shadow was being caused by the TORPEDO. It clearly isn't, and you can plainly see the glow from the impact's secondary effects partially wash out the pre-existing shadow. That means the impact point was noticeably farther forward from the impulse engines, at least halfway to the bridge if not closer.

Which is all good and well but then that would negate the need for an actual training ship.
You wouldn't take a training ship to teach cadets how to conduct away missions or surveys on planetary bodies. You use a training ship to teach them how to run the ship. If you want to practice surveying a planet, escaping/evading hostile aliens, surviving in harsh environments or moving around in zero gravity/EVAs, there are a thousand places in the solar system you can go, all accessible by shuttlecraft. Even starship operations can be partially simulated -- this, too, we have actually seen -- so the only reason they need a training vessel is to experience running a real-live starship actually in space, outside of the simulator.

One - Earth. And that's a good one since they have a known target to verify their sensor readings with and do training beam downs and exploration.
For which reason, they would not need a TRAINING SHIP.

We know from TWOK she carried live torpedoes. After some safe simulator training on Earth, they went on board a training ship with the real weapons. There is no reason to believe that the Enterprise as a training ship or Enterprise-A as an active duty ship would go out without actual equipment.
That all depends on what the Enterprise-A was being used for. Unlike Excelsior, she was not seen being actively engaged in the "cataloging gaseous anomalies" missions, so it again goes to the question of what exactly the Enterprise-A was FOR. Training vessel or technology testbed or even Sol System Patrol Vessel are all possibilities, but each mission would imply a slightly different ship fitting.
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