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Re: Why wasn't Worf in Code of Honor?

Timo wrote: View Post
I guess I'll never fathom what about the episode was racist.
The episode itself wasn't. Why does having the ruler of a planet being black equal "racist?"

junxon wrote: View Post
sorry but when the stereotype is a planet of black savages that kidnap a white woman, it's racist.
But if the rulers had be cast solely with lily white actors and actresses then your confusing label of savages would persist?

Savages have their own transporter system?

The planet's leader was setting up his wife to be killed in a duel, the dialog stated that he'd done this before with women from the planet, after Yar's (lame) martial art demostration he saw her as a possible device to kill his wife.

It's not like he kidnapped her because he personally/sexually wanted her. Yar was a tool.

Far from being racist, the episode highlight how often Star Trek cast leadership characters using mostly white actors. We should have seem more non-white characters ... not less.

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