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Re: Why wasn't Worf in Code of Honor?

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while it may not have been on purpose, it comes across that way on viewing, and thats what i judge tv shows on. so it doesn't matter about intent, 'accidental' racism is still racism.
Which is your right. I try to look at both intent and the final product when making this type of judgement.

Code of Honor is still one of the worst episodes in seven-hundred plus hours of Trek though.
i agree that more than likely the script didn't have any intent, but the casting is where it became troublesome.

Keith DeCandido (Trek author) watched "Code of Honor" for in May 2011. He thought the episode was riddled with clichés, and says that the episode only seems racist because of the casting even though the script didn't call for it. "If the Ligonians had been played by white people, none of the dialogue would change, and nobody would call it racist".
if they had been native american instead of black, i think that would be rascist too, both have been subject to 'savage' charicatures in media. its the historical negative portrayals that have to be taken into account.

Hello to Jason Isaacs!

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