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Re: 11th Doctor Costume Try-Outs

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The other outfits made him look like the sort of offbeat male models they have in weekend fashion supplements in broadsheet newspapers.
Yes, but what's wrong with that? Why can't a space and time traveling alien look like an early 21st century male model? From an outsiders perspective that look is basically from the same place and time as the first Doctor's edwardian outfit.

I like the look with the striped shirt and white cuffs best, they should have picked that one. Maybe the 12th Doctor will get an outfit like that?
There's nothing 'wrong' with it per se. I just don't find it terribly interesting. I want the Doctor to look different and to stand out. The perspective of we 21st century viewers is as important as the fictional characters meeting him and, by and large, there's a tradition that the Doctor looks eccentric to our eyes. Eccleston's garb was conventional but that was partly to make it clear that the new show 'wasn't your father's Doctor Who' and partly to reflect his somber character.

Put a young good-looking guy like Matt in conventional clothes like that and he loses a lot of Doctor-ish quality, IMHO.

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^First non-English accent? Sylvester McCoy might have something to say about that.
Sylvester McCoys natural accent is Scottish, but as the doctor he seemed to speak with at least a near English accent to me.
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Sylvester McCoy was Scottish and spoke with a Scottish accent when he played the Doctor.

EDIT: Damn, got ninja'd on the matter.
Really. He sounded a bit more English to me. He at least tamed his accent a bit.
With all those rolled 'Rs' and so forth? Definitely not to my ears. Or Wikipedia:

In a break from his past however, he spoke with a mild Scottish accent with rolled Rs, rather than in his past selves' Received Pronunciation speaking patterns

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