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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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I mean, seriously? We're 8 episodes in and Miami Metro still doesn't have a CLUE about anything that's going on with Dexter, Debra, or Vogel??
I'm starting to think that they never will. If they do they'll probably rush it in the series finale.
Agreed... I'm starting to think like they'll never find out and Dex and co. will just get away with it and slip into the night. Which would be kind of irritating. But this has always been very character driven drama so... there's actually no need for Dexter to be revealed. Maybe Matthews will try and confront or threaten Dex and he kills him. I'm still suspicious of him as a character, so duplicitous. Although maybe he's just there to symbolism the corruption of the police system or something, the very inspiration for Dexter to take the law into his hands. How many times has he forced a law officer to let a guilty party go free? Unless he somehow knows that by doing so... it leads them to Dexter's table. Does he know Dexter is a killer? I honestly can't recall.

I'm pretty sure Jaime is going to get whacked. There's something about her character that seems like she's always getting into the line of fire with dangerous situations. Plus, she's Harrison's care taker, which puts her in the sights of anyone looking to hurt Dexter.

Another reason for Jaime to go is so that Quinn and Deb can finally hook back up, it looks like the writers can't seem to let that one slide.
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